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Young Scientist Zone

Science Labs

There is a link between lab studies and content in ones reading of text. It is ultimately a science performed in a lab. Students perform experiments in these labs on the regular basis. It is the most innovative and interesting way of learning science. While participating in doing experiments, students learn more than just scientific concepts. The skills learned when completing an experiment can be applied in later course work or at students future career. Science, however is more than just learning facts from a book We have all the three labs in science

Communication Lab

KDMA International provides a personality development and spoken English lab where students are imparted training on improving communication skills like talking, body language, etiquette, table manners and listening skills we lay emphasis on developing effective communication and listening from the primary classes.

Social Studies Lab (Dharohar)

The social studies lab which is alluring and majestic inherits the interest of students in various tributaries of social studies. It also helps in arousing curiousness about different phenonmena. It enables students to memorize the concerned themes & objectives of civics, history & Geography. Just, entering the lab gives the sight of whole world.

J.C. Bose Lab (Biology)

Laboratory informally is a facility that provides controlled conditons in which scientific or technological experiments and measurements are performed. Every year latest instruments, specimens, charts etc are purchased for laboratiores..

C.V. Raman Lab (Physics)

Through few simple experiments in the lab, it becomes easy for the students to learn the process easily in a simple way. Our lab is equipped with all the latest and Modern equipments which enables an easy learning.

Mathematics lab (Aryabhatta lab)

Mathematics laboratory is a place rich in concrete materials to which children have ready access to handle them, perform mathematical experiments, play mathematical games, solve puzzles and become involved in other activities. It nurtures the inner intellect of a student and provides a practical approach towards the real life, attitude and also stimulates interest and develops favourable attitude towards mathematics.

Scientia Lab (Chemistry)

Chemistry can be a tough subject to learn, especially if you aren’t going about studying this complicated science the right way . Performing experiments in the lab and noting down the correct readings make it easier to learn and quicker to understand.

KDMA COMPUTER LAB (Windows to the World)

Computer education in school helps the children to get access to the extensive world of information. Students can find any information that they desire with the help of a computer. Our labs are quite imperative in educating the children about wise and efficient use of the computer.

Our computer labs are very special because they incorporate a great many of essential and useful features in themselves. We have three Computer Labs – Primary, Middle & Senior Computer Labs which have more than 60 computers in each lab. The computers in the labs have recent versions of the software.